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Bodyweight Strength & Conditioning

If you think you need expensive equipment to get a good workout, think again.  this class will help you increase strength, cardio, core strength and flexibility using only what you were born with.  Bodyweight training, also known as Calisthenics,  is a great way for everyone at any fitness to learn how to control your body to maximize strength.


Simple name, not so simple class, but just right for everyone!  This class is a well balanced, challenging workout that will test the fitness of regular exercisers, but can be easily scaled to down to suit any level of fitness.  Emphasizes both strength and cardio to create a truly unique workout that will always be different and keep you guessing.


Circuit training is an effective class style for working out in groups. Try one of our circuit classes for a combination of strength and aerobic training. Tone your body in a fun class setting where exercises are easily adapted to all levels – beginners to advanced.

Electric Circuit

The Electric Circuit is designed to charge up your energy levels and improve your fitness lightning fast!

Circuits give you a very time efficient and high volume workout. The variety of resistance, calisthenics, and functional exercises allow you to improve strength, endurance, stamina, and range of motion. Come for a challenge, stay for the fun group environment!

Full Body Fitness

This class incorporates all types of training in order to improve your overall fitness including resistance training to build muscle strength, sprints to improve speed, plyometrics for incresed power and ladder & cone drills for improved agilility. The format changes weekly to create balanced workouts throughout the session.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) uses short bursts of intense exercise followed by less intense active recovery periods. This popular workout format is an exciting way to burn more fat, improve endurance and build strength. This class will incorporate 30 minutes of Hiit followed by 15 minutes of concentrated core work. Join us and prepare to sweat!


These cannon balls with handles have been used for training Russian athletes and military personnel for over a century. This simple tool is used to build strength, power, cardio and full body coordination. We will teach you to incorporate your whole body into every movement for maximum strength and mobility.

Advanced Kettlebell

If  you enjoy kettlebell training and would like to take it to the next level this class is for you.  We will take you into more advanced kettlebell skills such as two kettlebell get-ups and snatch.  Participants must have already used kettlebells and be efficient with swings, cleans and Turkish get-up.

Old School

Old school workout brings you back to the days of pumping iron.  Through the use of barbells, dumbells, kettlebells and bodyweight training, this workout challenges you to get stronger and brings you back to the basics. For a new challenge, come down and see what it’s all about.

Strength  & Conditioning

This fun and challenging class has it all! Before tackling the days workout, we focus on corrective exercises that help to eliminate muscular imbalances throughout the body.  Their are agility ladder exercises to keep the brain in tune with your body, and strength exercises done in a circuit fashion to allow your muscles to maximize their potential. In the strength circuit, we work as hard as your body is able to, in order to simultaneously increase your cardiovascular endurance. This class can be adapted to different skill levels, and will have everyone who participates feeling pumped up and energized

Strength  Circuit

This is an excellent way to build overall body strength, tone muscles and boost metabolism.  The class is tailored to meet the individual needs and fitness level of each participant.

TRX Suspension Training

TRX classes provide a full body workout which include strength and cardio while keeping your core engaged at all times.  The TRX uses body weight and angles in order to adjust resistance and intensity. This class is fun and challenging for all fitness levels and abilities.


Hatha and Vinyasa infuse variety which can vary between a slower, gentler flow to a more dynamic and energetic practice. Our class encourages students to take their practice internally, exploring each pose and tuning into the sensations of the body.